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Spex Consultants is one of the most reliable inspection consultants company in P
akistan having well experienced team of professionals.

Our Mission

Spex Consultants mission is to provide high-end and customized quality control services at minimum costs, although, this is a standard promise that you hear from most businesses, we at Spex Consultants are committed to fully achieve this.

Founders and Spex Consultants management are all from the operations background with proven records in managing companies in Quality Control and Quality Assurance industry.

Marketing, sales, business development are definitely important, however, our business approach is to focus on hiring skilled inspectors, auditors and experienced Operation Managers. Our staff is remunerated 20% higher than the average in order to attract the most talented professionals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer a customized Quality Assurance service to our clients, our product experts can help you to review your product at any production phase and provide a custom solution to any production challenge you might face.

In such a highly competitive market, it’s mandatory to make quality control programs a cost-effective solution to avoid paying unnecessary charges, therefore, you can pick one of our services based on AQL standard or discuss with our Account Manager to offer a tailor-made solution that fits your needs and budget.

Our ultimate goal is to assist our clients from the start of their production and provide effective solutions and recommendations for issues reported by our inspection team.

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Our Business Model

We understand that a standard inspection report (PDF), might not answer all your questions, this would make your decision to approve or reject the goods, not an easy task.

At Spex Consultants, we offer a fully customizable solution where you can order;  videos, live chat with the inspector, inspection pictures, sample collection, GPS coordinates, live defect review (video call)…etc

Our ultimate goal is to help you make an informed decision.